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Increasing the Archive by 3%

When I travelled to BSides a few weeks ago, I met up with RaD Man of ACiD. For those that don't know, Sixteen Colors began because of the release of the Dark Domain DVD. At BSides, RaD Man gave me a second DVD, that contained everything he has collected since the release of Dark Domain. Cleaner […] [more]


Evoke 2013

Evoke 2013 wrapped up today, but the textmode fun was yesterday. Both the PC ANSI/ASCII and Amiga ANSI/ASCII competitions took place, and the entries were fantastic. The winners (PC ANSI/ASCII) 01 288 Sixteen Colors Promo by Filth / Blocktronics 02 263 Uchiha by Mattmatthew / Blocktronics 03 241 Punk is 1969. Sid Vicious Frankenstein. by iks/Titan […] [more]


Sixteen Colors: Archiving the Evolution of ANSI and ASCII Art at BSides Las Vegas

On August 1, 2013, I spoke on behalf of Sixteen Colors ANSI and ASCII Art Archive at BSides Las Vegas. The talk was a little part ANSI scene history, a little part art history and a little part Sixteen Colors history. My sincere thanks goes out to the BSides staff, particularly for scrambling to meet […] [more]